What is Happening in my Orchid House this month…

January 2021

Well we are in the new year and it is the middle month of summer. I don’t know what the previous five months were?

The potting season should be over and the plants should be settled down in their new potting mix. With the weather being so hot and dry, the plants have not grown like they normally do, after being repotted. Watering to suite the weather has not been easy.

The problem is still there, this is how I have handled it and will continue to go through January doing the following.

With no rain and the days are hot and dry winds coming from the land (North/West/South) I water all the repotted plants in the after-noon, after 4pm, daily. Plants that have not been repotted I water every two days, again in the afternoon.

Should the day temperature go over 35% I water all plants every day in the afternoon. The night temperature is around 22/24% so the plants are comfortable being wet, not like in winter.

The summer months are the main growing period for most genera, especially cattleyas. I use Peters 20/9/17 fertiliser, Campbell’s “A” growth fertiliser, both at ½ gram a litre, Seasol 1ml per litre,(with Growth Formula) Molasses 1ml per litre.

(Mix Molasses at one cup per four litres water, then use as above.)

I fertilise every second watering and I rotate the fertilisers.

If it RAINS and the temperature drops, you will need to spread your watering further apart.

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