What is Happening in my Orchid House this month…

April 2021

This month is the start of the buds and flowers developing. There are sheaths everywhere; if all of them have flowers it will be a great year. At this stage, our Society is going ahead with our Mother’s Day Show in May, it is a benched show, there will be no displays, the usual orchid nurseries will be there selling. I hope the corona virus keeps away.

At the moment, I am watering every two days, if the days are nice and sunny, every three days if there is cloud cover. I fertilise every six days, using only flowering fertiliser. Peters Blossom Booster or Campbell’s ‘A’ are the ones I use, for the flowers and for the slower growing of the plants.

Seasol is used every fourteen days to combat the cooler weather as the temperature drops. Molasses is used once a month, good for the plants and keeps the ants away. Watering is now done in the morning, before 9am.

Watch the sheaths as the buds are coming up, some buds are too big for the sheaths and this causes the outer sepals to not develop properly. Also, where there are a lot of small buds, they can get distorted on the flower-spike. You may have to split the sheath to free the buds, but try not to split it to the bottom, as the sheath is what supports the flower-spike and helps the flowers to be upright. You may have to support the flower spike to keep it upright, if the sheath does not give it good support.

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