What is Happening in my Orchid House this month…

Past the Shortest Day

July, 2021

Winter is showing it can get cold here ..2 degrees. Luckily there are no clouds and the sun is lovely and warm. The shortest day has past  22nd June, and we have added a couple of minutes to the day-light time. I am watering every five to seven days and I’m trying to keep to the better days. By that I mean the warmer and sunny days. It is a real juggling act.

I fertilize with Peters 10-13-17, Campbell’s A 11-13-16 and Seasol. (Peters then Seasol then Campbell’s A then Seasol back to Peters.) Peters and Campbell’s A at half strength and Seasol at normal strength. (To combat the cold)

At the moment, there are numerous flowers in the orchid houses and I hope yours are flowering well also.

I fungicide once a month with either MANCOZEB, BRAVO, RIDOMIL, or PHOS-JET to keep the plants clean.

Be on the look-out for Scale, Aphids, Grubs, Snails etc., and treat accordingly.

Some rain would go well, we have had very little rain for the last couple of months, and humidity has been low, not good for the plants.

The fogs we have had, has brought out some spotting, (Botrytis) on the flowers. I use Alginox to stop it. I will be starting to get the potting materials ready, especially                   the secateurs, make sure they are clean and sharp, have plenty of potting material and pots.

I make a lot of wire loops to attach to the pots, which secure the plants after repotting. Don’t forget some-thing to seal the cuts. I use Stera-Prune in a pressure can.

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