What is Happening in my Orchid House this month…

October 2021

The orchids have been very active during September, lots of new growths and roots.

I have been re-potting continuously at about 40/45 orchids a day, since the 1st September, probably the best ever. Not as many shows due to the virus so we have the extra days and this has boosted the numbers. The secateurs are sterilised for twenty minutes, in a Trisodium Phosphate solution.

This year, every pot has a wire loop attached and this is attached to the plant, which stabilises the plant. Most plants are potted in expanded clay balls, with lime-stone chip on top; this helps to add a little weight and balances the plant when put on the bench.

All cuts are sealed with Steri Prune, roots are sprayed with a combination of Growth-Formula and Alginox.

When repotted, the plants are placed on the benches, with new growth facing the East. This will help the flowers and stop them being in among the previous foliage. I always place the name tag, at the back of the plant, with the date repotted on the back.


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