Mounting Orchids on Slabs

The only time when you should remount your orchids is when the new roots are just starting to show from the new growth.


Selecting the new mount:

It should allow for around 5 years growth and can be selected from the following;

  • Black Tree Fern   (Weathered)
  • Brown Tree Fern  (Weathered)
  • Compressed Cork
  • Virgin Cork
  • Old Weathered Hardwood Palings.
  • Iron Bark (Bark or Slabs) must be well weathered.
  • Gutter Guard stitched and filled with bark (or your choice of filler)
  • Open Weave Pots and Baskets, plastic or wooden.


Make your hook from the following:

  • Aluminium wire.
  • Plastic coated wire.
  • Galvanised wire.


Material to secure plant to mount:

Stockings cut into 12mm strips. Plastic coated wire. Fishing line. Supa-glue or

any other product that will hold the plant firmly.


Removing plant from slab:

Do this gently. If the plant is very firmly attached use a sharp knife or scalpel to

cut between the slab and plant. This will cause less damage than tearing the plant off.


Tying the plant to the new slab:

Use your choice of tie to very securely  attach the plant to the new slab. There must

be no way the plant will move, otherwise the new roots will be damaged each time the  

plant moves. You can drill holes through the mount close to the plant to tie it firmly.

Place the front of the plant on the mount, facing upwards.

Remember to Label the plant.

























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