Spring Growing

Growing your Orchids in SPRING ….


These months are the start of the growing season, the orchids have just come through the winter and as the days lengthen and get warmer, the plants are on the move, with their eyes and roots starting to grow.


  • You need to start changing your fertiliser, from the higher Potash/Potassium, to a higher Nitrogen type. The change-over is done in the month of September, with the equinox on the 22nd September. (Equal hours of day and night).


  • Rotating the two fertilisers (high potash /Potassium to the high Nitrogen type) decreasing the first and increasing the second so that the change-over has taken place by the end of September. (50% of each by 15th Sept.)


  • Your watering program will become more frequent, starting at 3 to 4 days September to 2 to 3 days at the end of November.


  • Fertilise every second watering at half strength; try to keep the N.P.K within the following ranges. N15/20—P 4/ 8—K 8/14 with trace elements. Use organic fertilisers too, rotate your fertilisers as each has different and varying ingredients and this helps to cover all the nutrients needed.

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