Yellow Cattleyas




Blc. Malworth Sunset

Rlc. Malworth Sunset (Rlc. Waikiki Sunset x Rlc. Malworth)

Reg. 1981  Nice flower for a yellow, great substance. 


Blc. Goldenzelle 'Tokyo'

Rlc. Goldenzelle “Tokyo” (Rlc. Fortune x C. Horace)

Reg. 1982  Good show plant and a reliable breeder 


Pot. Dal's Emperor 'Michele' (1b)

 Rth. Dal’s Emperor “Michele (Rth. Free Spirit x C Lana Coryell)

Reg. 1998  One of the best yellow mini cats for show and breeding


Blc. Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon'

Rlc. Goldenzelle “Lemon Chiffon” Rlc. Fortune x C. Horace

Reg. 1998  Good in shows and breeding 


Pot. Always Titanic Love

Rlc. Always Titanic Love (C. Tiny Titan x Rlc. Love Call)

Reg. 2003  Unusual colour, presents itself well.


Pot. Dal's Nugget 'Vivien'

Rth. Dal’s Nuggett “Vivien” (Rth. Fuchs Orange Nuggett x C. Beaufort)

Reg.1997  Good minni yellow for shows


Pot. Varut 'Goldbeater'

Bct. Varut Goldbeater (Rlc. Fabled Peak x Rlc. Destiny)

Reg. 1987


Pot. Dal's Nugget

Rth. Dal’s Nuggett (Rth. Fuchs Orange Nuggett x C. Beaufort

Reg. 1997  Another good minni yellow


Pot. Fortune Teller 'Lucky'

 Rlc. Fortune Teller “Lucky” (Rlc. Zanthette x C. Tropic Flare)

Reg. 1966  A good balanced flower for shows


Pot. Free Spirit x Blc. Erin Kobayaski 'Laina Gold'

Rth. Dal’s Moon  (Rth. Free Spirit x Rlc. Erin Kobayaski)

Reg. 2000


Rsc. Chunyeah 'Tzeng Wen'

Rlc. Chunyeah “Tzeng-Wen”  (Rlc.Tassie Barbero x Rlc. Kuan Miao Chen)



Rsc. Dal's Horizon

Rlc. Dal’s Horizon (Rlc. Waikiki Sunset x Rlc. Goldenzelle)


Rsc. Roy Maidment 'Kaye'

Rlc. Roy Maidment “Kaye” (Rlc. Glenn Maidment x Rlc. Goldenzelle)

Reg. 2010


Rsc. Golden Canefields x Rsc. Goldenzelle

Rlc. Gerard Scalia (Rlc. Golden Canefields x Rlc. Goldenzelle)

Reg. 2009 Very good show quality


Rsc. Goldenzelle x Rsc. Burdekin Sunset

Rlc. Burdekin Tropic Spice (Rlc. Oconee x Rlc Waikiki Sunset)

Reg. 2014 


Rsc. Goldenzelle x Rsc. Hisaka Akatsuka (1)

Rlc. Sedona’s Golden Queen (Rlc. Hisako Akatsuka x Rlc. Goldenzelle)




Rsc. Goldenzelle x Rsc. Waikiki Sunset

Rlc. Dal’s Horizon (Rlc. Waikiki x Rlc. Goldenzelle

Reg. 1998


Rsc. Karens Sunrise 'Waianae'

Rlc. Karen’s Sunrise “Waianae” (Rlc. Prada Green Nation x Rlc. Erin Kobayashi)

Reg. 2009

 Rsc. Legend of Maui

Rlc. Legend of Maui (Rlc. Toshi Aoki x Rlc. Goldezelle)


 Rsc. Margaret Goldston 'Bundy'

Rlc. Margaret Goldston (Rlc. Waikiki Sunset x C. Horace)

Reg. 2003


Rsc. Serene Beau 'Burbank'

Rlc. Serene Beau “Burbank” (Rlc. Serene Sunset x C. Beaufort)



Rsc. Waikiki Sunset x Lc. Adolph Hecker

Rth. Bundy’s Sunset (Ctt. Adolph Hecker x Rlc. Waikiki Sunset)

Reg. 2008

 Rth. Dal's Emperor 'Regal Gem'

Rth. Dal’s Emperor “Regal Gem”  (Rth. Free Spirit x C. Lana Coryell)

Reg. 1998


Slc. Dal's Jet 'Jumbo'

Rth. Dal’s Jet “Jumbo” (Rth. Free Spirit x C. Tangerine Jewel)

Reg. 2000

Slc. Jungle Bean 'Special'

C. Jungle Beau “Special” (C Jungle Elf x C. Beaufort)

Reg. 1991


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