Sterilising Your Secateurs

Three containers – 2 x clean water, 1 x Trisodium Phosphate

The most important requirement to growing your orchids successfully is to sterilise your secateurs. You can ruin your whole collection in one re-potting season by not sterilising your secateurs correctly. By using TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE in the following manner you can overcome this problem. The container that you mix the Trisodium Phosphate in should be non-see through plastic, with a lid on it. The reason for this is light can cause the mixture to deteriorate and carbon dioxide in the open air can deteriorate it also. To mix the solution, I use warm water, it dissolves it quicker, add the Trisodium Phosphate till there are granules left on the bottom of the container, this is called a saturated solution. The mixture is very alkaline (above 12PH) it will kill all diseases/viruses in 20 minutes. (REFER TO HANDY TIPS ON THIS WEBSITE FOR QUANITY FOR USE) Leave you secateurs in it for 20 minutes. To use your secateurs: remove from the solution, rinse in clean water, then cut the plant, rinse again in another container of clean water to remove any tissue or sap and return to the Trisodium Phosphate solution. When re-potting I remove all cutters from the solution at the same time. Rinse all cutters in clean water to remove any excess Trisodium Phosphate. Use all cutters – one per plant. Rinse all cutters in another container of clean water to remove tissue and sap. Put all cutters back into Trisodium Phosphate for 20 minutes….. Have a cup of tea in the meantime. Twenty minutes later ……start again …. enjoy your potting season.

This is sold at Bunnings Stores

Trisodium phosphate (TSP) Features • Can be mixed to suit the task from heavy duty to general cleaning • Contains 100% alkaline salts • Does not include caustic and is non-corrosive • Save time and get the toughest job done Tricleanium is the most effective agent available for thorough cleaning. Containing 100% alkaline salts, this non-corrosive.

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