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Granulated Gypsum ..  Chemical   Analysis

  • Gypsum (CaSO4   . 2H2O)               97.0%
  • Calcium (CA)                                       23.0%
  • Sulphur (S)                                         18.0%

Cost 25 KG   for $20

You can sprinkle a small amount on the top of the potting material, it will dissolve each time you water, or you can dissolve it in water first, and then apply to the plants. It is another way to apply Calcium to your plants.

I have been using it for the repotting season and the plants are growing well.



Milti Purpose Adjuvant

Li—700 contains soyal Phospholipids and is a blend of Lecithin (derived from soya beans), Propionic acid and various surfactants. The Lecithin component acts by lifting the waxy platelets on leaves, increasing uptake.



  1. Increases herbicide activity
  2. Increases systemic insecticide and fungicide activity.
  3. Increases nutrient uptake.
  4. Decreases driftable fines and gives more even spray droplets.
  5. Reduces ph. and activates weak acid Insecticides and fungicides.


Have you ever used a pesticide, or had someone applied one for you and it did not control the pest? You may have attributed the poor control to weather conditions, the chemical itself, applicator error, pest resistance, or maybe you brought the wrong material. But have you ever thought to check the ph of the water used to mix the pesticide. The ph of the water that goes into your spray tank makes a difference in how effectively the pesticide works.

The characteristics of the water used in a spray mix can influence the effectiveness of some insecticides and fungicides. One of the most important is the ph of the water, it’s relative acidity or alkalinity. Water with a ph higher than 7 is alkaline.

Li-700 creates a more favourable ph environment for insecticides and fungicides. Several insecticide groups such as organophosphorus insecticides are degraded in alkaline water. (alkaline hydrolysis).

How to know if the water should be buffered

Check with your local Council, they will tell you the ph of your water, or use your own ph Meter. Insecticides can break down very fast if the ph of the water is above 8. Some insecticides break down as soon as they are mixed with alkaline water, this can cause the active ingredients to change to inactive ingredients before they leave the tank. The degree of pest control may be greatly decreased or lost completely.


Acidifying Agent

Highly Alkaline water (ph 8 or higher) 60/120mls per 100 litres.

Mildly Alkaline Water (ph 6.5/8) 30/60mls 100ltrs.


125-500 mls per 100ltrs of spray mixture when used as a surfactant, penetrant, or drift retardant.

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