Segments of the PLANT

This is a drawing of a

     Cattleya Plant …

Orchid with flower and all names for web 1


The Segments of the CATTLEYA PLANT .. 


The PLANT is grouped in the SYMPODIAL SECTION of orchid plants, mainly due to the fact that they can store moisture and food in their PSEUDOBULBS.

They have a RHIZOME, which produces roots from its underside, as it grows across the potting materials.

As each new lead grows from the eye of the previous PSEUDOBULB, the new bulblike stem develops and the INFLORESCENCE and FLOWERS, grow out of the SHEATH, which grows at the junction of the BULB and the LEAF.

There are BRACTS which cover the outside of the PSEUDOBULB, to protect it while it is in the growing stage.  


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