Splash Petals




Blc. Jewel-Glo x C. Gene May

Rlc. Jewel-Glo x C. Gene May

This cross has not been registered with the RHS.  Have owned it for over fifteen years.

  C. Butterfly Wings 'Orchidlibrary'

C. Butterfly Wings “Orchid Library”  (C. intermedia x C. Florence Machle)

Reg. 1970

  Blc. Kyle 'Hearts of Gold'

Rlc. Kyle “Hearts of Gold”  (C. Little Sunbeam x Rlc. Waikiki Gold)

Reg.1979  The yellow splashes vary on  individual flowers from full

sepal/petals to just the tips.


 Photo given by John Kemp Calourndra. Name unknown

  Lc. Mari's Song x Rsc. Dream Trader

Lc. Mari’s Song x Rlc. Dream Trader

This cross is not registered at this time with the RHS.  Very pretty flower. 

   Otr. Taiwan Face 'Spice Girl'

Rly. Taiwan Face “Spice Girl”  (Ctna. Peggy San x Rlc. Tzeng-Wen Beauty)

Reg. 2003 

  Pot. Aussie Spirit

Ctt. Alsaks Pattern  (C. Mari’s Song x Ctt. Aussie Sunset)

Reg. 2005

  Pot. Shin Shiang Diamond

Rlc. Shin Shiang Diamond  (Rlc. Kat E-Sun x Rlc. Tzeng Wen Beauty)

Reg. 2003

  Rolf. Coconut Ice 'J'

Rlc. Coconut Ice “J”  (Rlc. Island Charm x C. Lana Coryell)

Reg. 2002

  Rolf. Coconut Ice 'Nicole'

Rlc. Coconut Ice “Nicole”  (Rlc. Island Charm x C. Lana Coryell)

Reg. 2002

  Rsc. Redlands Beauty 'Super Nova' (1)

Rlc. Redelands Beauty “Super Nova”  (Rlc. Chinese Beauty x C. Mari’s Song)


  Rth. Rosella's Valentine

Rth. Rosella’s Valentine  (Rth. Free Spirit x C. Maria’s Song)


Sc. Dal's Good One 'Janelle'

C. Dal’s Good One “Janelle”  (C. Beaufort x C. Mem. Ellen Littman)


  Sctna. Dal's Toy

Ctna. Dal’s Toy  (Ctna. Capri x Ctna. Peggy San)

Reg. 1998

  Slc. Aussie Titan 'DJ' (1)

Ctt. Aussie Titan “DJ”  (C. Titan Titan x Ctt. Aussie Sunset)

Reg. 2000

  Slc. Redland Cosmos 'Firey'

Ctt. Redland Cosmos “Firey”  (Ctt. Alsaks Pattern x C. Beaufort)


  Slc. Lues Angel Bear

Lc. Lues Angel Beau   (Lc. Angel Heart x C. Beaufort)

Reg. 2006


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