Winter Growing

 Growing Your Orchids  in  WINTER…..

June – July – August


1. Wind protection on the southern and western walls to keep the cold winds out. This is minimum, some growers put plastic on all four walls.

2. Water in the mornings, before 9am, on clear sunny days, allows them to dry out.

3. Water plants every 4 days at the start and end of winter, every 6 to 7 days in mid-winter.

4. Watch the weather charts for very cold or wet days, you may have to adjust your watering program.

5. Do not fertilize heavily in the winter. Use low nitrogen type fertilizers, every 14 days at half strength.

6. I like Seasol as it helps the plant to be less stressed with the cold weather. It is the best anti-freeze product available and the cheapest. University of Tasmania Tests.

7. Use Seasol every 12 to 14 days throughout the winter to maintain cold weather protection, it will also return plant back to normal growth.

8. Mix at 2mls to a litre.

9. Most hybrids orchids grow during the whole year. Species do not.

10. Remember that during the winter the sun shines less, so the plants grow slower, you cannot force them to grow quicker, unless you go to a lot of expense with lighting, heat etc.

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