Segments of the FLOWER

This is a drawing of a

           Cattleya Flower …


flower with names jpeg


Cattleya flowers are made up of six parts:

SEPALS – The SEPALS are the three back segments of the flower,  the top one is referred to as the DORSAL sepal and the lower two are VENTRAL sepals.

PETALS – One of which is the LIP or LABELLUM.  I will refer to it as the LABELLUM in this WEB SITE. These consist of two evenly sized segments on the left and right of the centre of the flower. The third one is called the LABELLUM, it can be well forward, depending on its breeding. Most of the exhibition flowers today have a lip that is very colourful, hangs down and matches the other petals in size. This also helps to give the flower a circular shape. The flower can be slightly concave to flat, most are slightly concave.





All these four are in the centre of the lip.  

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