Misting Fans



This device helps to keep humidity high by misting with fine jets or with larger jets can also be used for watering. I use them in closed-in hot houses, where they are ideal. You can use them in small shade houses; as long as it is not too windy as the wind does not allow the spray to disperse over the area you want it to, especially in large shade houses.

The cost (DIY) is between $15 to $20 and considering a misting oscillating fan for increasing humidity retails for around $100 and I have found that the misting part on these models can stop working any time after 2 years with the fan usually lasting a while longer, so this is an economical way to get the job done.


What materials you need to make this oscillating fan with;

  1. Oscillating Fan – 40cm
  2. Four-Way Spraying Head
  3. Four Spray Jets
  4. One Spray Can Lid
  5. Five Cable Ties
  6. Length of PVC Pipe (55mm Wide x 200mm Long)

(Too close to the fan will not allow the mist to be dispersed)

  1. Clear Plastic Tubing (10mm wide)
  2. Hose Connection

Step 1

To fit the Spray-Jets to the Four Way Head, put the rubber ring on first, then rubber internal spreader, followed by the Misting or Watering Cap.

b misting




a misting











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